• What speciality are there in your hospital ?

    Ourís is mainly women and child care hospital. We care for all patients between the age of 0-18 years including surgical cases as a part of department of paediatrics and paediatric surgery. Obstetrics and Gynecology department takes care of all patients related to obstetric and Gynecology including surgical cases and infertility.

  • Do you have superspeciality care ?

    Yes, apart from paediatrics, paediatric surgery and OBG we have superspeciality clinics in Paediatric cardiology, Nephrology, Paediatric Hemato-Oncology, endocrinology, we are planning to add few more in coming days. Details regarding same can be known by visiting our website. You can also know by contacting our hospital phone number.

  • Do you have immunization facility ? If so, on what days and time.

    Yes, immunization is a part of our day to day practice. We have vaccination facility for all children between the age of 0-18 years and all women including pregnant ladies. We administer all vaccines on all working days between 09.00AM to 07.30PM and between 10.00AM to 04.00PM on Sundays and general holidays.

  • Do you have rabies vaccine and anti-rabies immunoglobin and Hepatitis immunoglobulins ?

    Yes, we manage all rabid dog bites and babies born to HBSAg +ve mothers.

  • How do we take appointment ?

    You can take appointment online through our hospital APP or by phone for hassle free consultation without much waiting period. However work in patients also will get appointment as few slots are reserved for the same.

  • What is the waiting period once we take appointment at a particular time ?

    Our doctors will try to see all patients within 30 minutes of stipulated time. However if some doctor is on leave or busy in ICU there may be a slight delay and will be communicated by our OPD staffs.

  • Do you have a pharmacy and Lab ?

    Yes, we have 24 hours pharmacy and laboratory services.

  • Do you have counseling services regarding diet, breast feeding ?

    Yes, we have a dedicated dietician and we do counsel regarding breast feeding and diet.

  • What are different category of beds in your hospital ?

    We have special wards (fully independent with A/C and Non A/C, all rooms have television), semi special wards (twin sharing with televisions) General wards. In PICU 1 person can stay with child. Motherís of NICU babies are provided with beds in a single hall with nominal charges. Planning to add a suite room shortly.

  • Do you provide food to the patients ?

    No, presently not. Each floor has a pantry for preparation of juice, boiling milk and preparation of Ganji etc., for patients.

  • What is the waiting hours in your hospital ?

    NICU - 12.00 Noon-2.00PM and 7.00pm-9.00pm
    PICU - 12.00 Noon-2.00PM and 7.00pm-9.00pm
    Wards - 01.00 Noon-3.00PM and 7.00pm-9.00pm

  • How often you brief parents about the condition of patient ?

    Minimum twice, if required multiple times.

  • Do you counsel regarding pattern of billing and probable expenditure ?

    Yes, total expenditure depends on the disease condition and duration of stay in the hospital. Probable expenditure and pattern of billing will be explained to you at the time of admission and day to day billing also will be conveyed on daily basis.

  • What is the validity of out patient consultation ?

    Presently it is 7 days

  • Do you have visiting consultants ?

    Yes, in critically ill patients we have network of visiting consultants from all specialties including super specialties.

  • Do you have facilities for new born screening and hearing screening ?

    Yes, we do all neonates for hearing and hypothyroidism. If parents are willing, we have extended neonatal screening facilities for various metabolic disorders.

  • Do you have infertility services ?

    Yes, we have facilities for investigations and management of infertility expect in vitro fertilization.

  • What level of ICU care you provide ?

    We provide tertiary care services to neonates and sick children.

  • Do you handle medico-legal case ?

    Yes, we handle all medico-legal cases like, poisoning, road traffic accidents, snake bite etc.,

  • Do you have services for preconception counseling ?

    Yes, it is very important to counsel and start certain medications to couple who are planning for a baby. If this is not done some times pregnancy out comes can be disastrous.

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