We in Sarji hospital care for women of all ages, addressing conditions in areas of adolescence, pre-marital counselling, early pregnancy, sexual health, breast care, pap’s smear screening, problems in menopause , hysterectomy, urinary incontinence other gynaecological issues. We also provide comprehensive Well – Woman check-ups as a diagnostic screening tool.


  1. General Gynaecology
  2. Laproscopic surgeries
  3. Contraception & Pre-conceptional counseling
  4. Premarital advice
  5. PCOS
  1. Problems related to Menopause
  2. Uro-gynaecology
  3. Menstrual disorders
  4. Ovarian cysts
  5. Screening for Breast cancer & Cervical cancer

Our surgical team is performing all routine and complicated surgeries related to female genital tract. Surgical procedures done are :

  1. Uterine surgeries.
  2. Abdominal Hysterectomy.
  3. Laproscopic Hysterectomy.
  4. Laproscopic Myomectomy.
  5. Vaginal Hysterectomy.
  6. Urogynaecology procedures.
  7. Tubal surgeries - adhesiolysis, tubal surgeries for ectopic gestation, salpingectomy.
  8. Ovarian surgeries - follicular puncture, cystectomy, adhesiolysis, ovariotomy.
  9. Hysteroscopic procedures - septum resection, myomectomy, polypectomy, tubal cannulation.
  10. Laproscopic tubal ligation.

Special Facilities

  1. Disorders like primary amenorrhoea, hirsutism, hyperprolactinemia, polycystic ovarian disease, premature menopause are dealt with by special coordination between the gynecologist and endocrinologist.
  2. Gynopsychiatric consultation : Psychologic support for patients with gynaecological ailments such as chronic pelvic pain, post menopausal syndrome, infertility etc.


We in Sarji hospital provide a comprehensive care for the Infertile couples.We understand the emotions of the Infertile couple, & give them the much needed psychological support through out the treatment, family atmosphere &security.


  1. Evaluation of the couple
  2. Follicular scans
  3. Hysterosalpingogram
  4. Intrauterine insemination
  5. Diagnostic hysteron-laproscopy
  6. Laproscopic adhesiolysis
  7. PCO puncture.

Fetal Medicine

Our hospital has a tie-up with one of the best diagnostic center in Shimoga, where we provide entire range of services including fetal scans, intra-uterine procedures, genetic services, counseling for complicated pregnancies, including emotional counseling.


  1. Double marker & Quadraple marker testing
  2. Fetal scans
  3. NIPT
  4. Chorionic villus sampling
  5. Amniocentesis
  6. Counselling