General Pediatrics

Growth and development

a. Growth -

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition; undernutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and delays recovery. At the same time incidence of childhood obesity is also increasing. We at sarji hospital, gives more importance to your children growth by

  1. Screening of all children coming to SARJI hospital for the presence of malnutrition (both under and over nutrition).
  2. Early identification of malnutrition.
  3. Early intervention.

b. Development -

Parents with any concerns about their child development are seen here for detailed developmental assessment. We have a clinical psychologist, who assesses child development and counsels the parents about child development in various aspects.

We at SARJI hospital, views developmental screening and assessment as crucial for the well being of children. With this intention, Developmental assessment clinic was established as a separate department. Children who are identified as developmental delay are subjected to further assessment and intervention services are offered.

Children who have motor, visual, hearing and speech impairments are offered physiotherapy, Formal vision and hearing evaluation (by OAE and ABR) and speech therapy.

Our developmental clinic at SARJI hospital caters

  1. Early stimulation
  2. Follow up of high risk infant
  3. Early identification of developmental delay
  4. Early intervention by physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  5. Hearing assessment by OAE and ABR.

Nutrition in health and diseases

Adequate nutrition is a necessity for growth. Your child's diet will not only support their normal growth and development, but also supports their immune system, and develops lifelong eating habits. Although dietary needs, appetites, and tastes will vary widely throughout childhood, it is important to consistently provide your child with healthy options from all of the major food groups.

Our dedicated team consisting of paediatrician, dietician and nutrition support nurse serves infants, children and adolescents with nutrition and feeding problems. We aim to help all children thrive and grow.

Our nutrition team counsel and treat a variety of nutrition- and feeding-related conditions, including the ones listed below:

  1. Infant and young child feeding.
  2. Breast feeding techniques
  3. Weaning techniques
  4. Pediatric obesity
  5. Child with failure to thrive
  6. Chronic liver diseases
  7. Type 1 diabetes mellitus
  8. Various inborn errors of metabolism
  9. Ketogenic diet for refractory epilepsy
  10. Diet in renal diseases


How does immunisation works?

Immunisation is a simple and effective way of protecting children from serious diseases. It not only helps protect individuals, it also protects the broader community by minimising the spread of disease. Vaccines work by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. If a vaccinated person comes in contact with these diseases, their immune system is able to respond more effectively, preventing the disease from developing or greatly reducing its severity.

Why should you get your child immunised?

Immunisation helps to avert about two to three million deaths per year (according to WHO). Immunisation is a very effective way to prevent mild as well as serious infections. Immunisation is also extremely cost-effective, especially considering the cost of treatment of various infections. Moreover, prevention is always better than cure. Immunisation not only prevents an individual from infections but also prevents the spreading of infection from one individual to another

At sarji hospital

Our dedicated team of 10 pediatricians along with DNB residents at sarji hospital counsel the each parent regarding the importance of immunisation. Along with the Universal Immunisation Programme launched by the Indian Government, we also administer various IAP (INDIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS) recommended vaccines like pneumococcal, influenza, hepatitis a, chickenpox, typhoid and various adolescent vaccines like TdaP, HPV vaccine.

A vaccination calendar is given to parents for the immunization schedule from birth up to age 16. We maintain electronic records of the batch numbers of vaccines given to ensure traceability in times of need. Our hospital upholds the “cold chain” by ILR system that maintains optimal conditions during the transport, storage, and handling of vaccines, starting at the manufacturer and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the baby. Regular reminders/alerts are sent through SMS or by email to help with the follow-up.

OPD services

Not all health issues require hospitalisation. But there are still numerous minor health concerns for which you may need to consult a specialty hospital. At Sarji with a dedicated team of 10 pediatricians along with DNB residents, offer a range of outpatient services for children with health issues that require advanced diagnostics, consultation, counselling and treatment but without the need for getting admitted.

We have an IVR appointment booking system for OPD appointments. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call to book an appointment, or simply walk in to sarji hospital OPD for any medical need. To ensure the safety of your child, we provide an online printed prescription in your own understandable language. We also run a various super speciality clinic on a specific day in a week.

Our OPD services includes

  1. Immunisation
  2. Newborn care and follow-up
  3. Follow up of high risk infant
  4. Food allergies
  5. Skin infections
  6. ENT problem
  7. Gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhoea, constipation, colic pain, vomiting
  8. Nebulisation
  9. Developmental pediatrics dealing with delayed motor and sensory progress
  10. Infectious diseases
  11. Asthma clinic
  12. Various super speciality clinic
    1. Pediatric cardiology
    2. Pediatric neurology
    3. Pediatric endocrinology
    4. Pediatric surgery
    5. Pediatric orthopaedics
    6. Pediatric hematology and oncology
    7. Pediatric nephrology
    8. Pediatric immunology and rheumatology
    9. Pediatric dermatology

In Patient Services

When it comes to health issues that require hospitalisation for diagnostic, therapeutic procedure, close monitoring and care during treatment and recovery period, sarji hospital provides an unparalleled Inpatient Services with one of the most expansive and sophisticated setup with well trained nurses to care for your children. Our dedicated team of 10 pediatricians works round the clock on rotation basis to ensure safety of your kids. Infants, children and parents who come to us seeking super-specialty care find themselves cared and reassured in the most comprehensive manner under our wide range general and intensive care units and super sub-specialties.

Laboratory Services and Diagnostics

Sarji hospital has well equipped structural laboratory with cutting-technologies. The laboratory services are designed to meet the needs of patients and medical professionals looking for test results, appropriate interpretation and advisory services. Our hospital Laboratory provides a service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our laboratory services includes

  1. Hematology
  2. Clinical pathology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Microbiology
  5. ABG
  6. Hormonal assay

At sarji, we provide various diagnostic radiological services like x-ray, ultrasound and 2D ECHO. Our expert team of radiologist and cardiologist provide service round the clock to help us in serving the children.